The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey HD

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey (2012) เดอะ ฮอบบิท การผจญภัยสุดคาดคิด

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey As he nears his 111th birthday Hobit Bilbo baggins is approaching his 111th Birthday. Hobit Bilbo bags begins writing the tale of his 60 year old adventure to his son Frodo.

The Dwarf King Thror was a prosperous king to his family prior to Bilbo’s involvement. That was until the appearance of the dragon Smaug. Smaug defeated Dale and stole the gold treasure. Thorin Thorin is Thor’s great-grandson. Thorin sees King Thranduil and his Woodelves sitting on a hill. Thorin becomes dismayed at the decision of his family rather than assist them, and this leads to his hatred of the Elf.

Bilbo 50 is fooled into hosting an evening dinner by Gandalf The Grey, magician who has perfected the art of tricking the Shire. Gandalf is looking for Bilbo to serve as the company’s “burglar” to assist the group in their search for the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo initially is hesitant to accept the offer, but then changes his mind when the company leaves without him the following morning. Bilbo was eager to join the business. Three Trolls take over the company as they move on. Bilbo is able to stop the Trolls eating until the dawn, and Gandalf exposes them to the sun, transforming the Trolls into stones. The company discovers treasure as well as Elven knives within the Trolls cave. Gandalf and Thorin each have an Elf-made sword. Orcrist are Glamdring. Gandalf also finds an Elven dagger that he offers Bilbo.

Gandalf is discovered by the wizard Radagast, also known as the Brown. He relates his experience in Dol Guldur in which he encountered the Necromancer. The sorcerer has been stealing Greenwood by using dark magic. Gandalf leads the company down an undiscovered passageway that leads to Rivendell. Lord Elrond Lord Elrond reveals the hidden symbol of an undiscovered entrance to the company’s Lonely Mountain map. This entrance will only be revealed only on Durin’s Day. Gandalf is then able to approach the White Council, consisting of Elrond and Galadriel and presents them with the White Council with a Morgul knife which is a weapon from the Witch-kings of Angmar which Radagast obtained from Dol Guldur in a indication that the Necromancer is connected to the return of Sauron. Saruman is concerned regarding the Dwarvesin their quest and demands to have Gandalf to stop the quest. But, Gandalf secretly tells Galadriel that he knew it was coming and lets the Dwarves continue their quest without him.

The group travels to the Misty Mountains where they are confronted by a massive fight among Stone Giants. They seek refuge in a cave, where they are snatched by Goblins who take the group to their leader, the Great Goblin. Bilbo is exiled from the Dwarves, and falls into an opening. In the crevice, he encounters Gollum who drops an gold ring. Bilbo is able to take the ring, and is confronted by Gollum. They play a game in which they bet that Bilbo will be taken away by Gollum in the event that it gets lost. Bilbo is the winner when he asks Gollum where he has kept his rings. Gollum finds his ring missing and chases the thief. Bilbo finds the ring and gives him the ability to disappear. But, when Bilbo is offered the chance to take down Gollum Bilbo is smitten with the man and flees. Gollum is furious at Baggins.

The Great Goblin is revealed to be Azog is the Orc warchief who killed Thror and lost his forearm to Thorin in Thorin, outside Dwarven kingdom Moria has set an offer on Thorin’s head. Gandalf arrives to take the Dwarves in a fugitive mission and defeats the Great Goblin. Bilbo goes off the mountain and returns to his group. He holds the ring he just acquired hidden. Azog as well as his hunting group are able to ambush the group and seek refuge in trees. Thorin is able to confront Azog using his Warg however Azog is defeated and injured. Bilbo saves Thorin from the Orcs and Azog confronts him with his a href=””>Warg. As Azog summons Eagles to save his business, Bilbo is also saved by the Orcs. They escape to the safety of the Carrock and there Gandalf brings back Thorin. Thorin had previously renounced Bilbo for saving him.

They can view the Lonely Mountain from a far distance. In the mountain, a sleepy dragon called Smaug is awakened by a thrush that strikes the stone with a snail.


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